bygga bo (nest-building)

This watercolor stork-pattern is manually constructed using a simple technique where two squares of paper are moved around while drawing the motifs across both of them to create a seamless pattern.

Home town

Individuall watercolor paintings of iconic houses from my hometown Levanger (in the middle of Norway) assembled together to create a repeat pattern.

scandinavian Forrest

Do you recognize the motif from the Scandinavian Forrest Nameboard? That´s right!
I fell in love with my moose and his forrest so I cut out all objects and assembled them into a forrest-pattern.

Välkummen haim

Talking about falling in love, that´s just what I did when I visited the Swedish city Visby (Gotland) for the first time in the summer of 2018. The buildings there were so beautiful that I barely acknowledged the stunning natural surroundings. When we came home to my friends cozy house in the evening I sat down and painted little paintings of the house we´d seen during the day. They all looked cute by them self, but I just love how they look when they are sewn together in a pattern. “Välkummen Haim” means “Welcome Home” in the local dialect spoken on Gotland.

folk deer

The Folk Deer pattern came to life inspired by traditional rural clothes and old rose paintings.

WInter Gloves

This pattern came to life during a work-along with some of my fellow designers, we were sitting around a table talking business, inspiration, products and patterns and at the same time I was doodeling with some watercolors. One doodle-glove and then another one and another one. A cozy time became a cozy pattern :)