About me

Do you have a great text, product or physical space that need that little extra visual sparkle to brighten your day or attract new customers? Then you´ve come to the right place! I create playful illustrations and patterns for all surfaces and I would love to help your business or home reach its potential by creating awesome artworks for you!

My creative mind works as a sponge soaking up the atmosphere and feel of your project to create something that will truly represent you and your text, product or space and bring it up to new heights. With a solid background from interior design and a lifelong experience as an illustrator you can count on me as your creative partner in crime.

I treasure my clients and love the variety of projects I get to work with, there is really no project big or small that I would reject as long as they feel right. I´ve illustrated a children´s book, designed mile stones cards for a Swedish start-up, made product illustrations for tote bags and a Norwegian start-up, done pro bono murals a kinder garden and in a barn, wedding invitations, custom name boards and so much more.

With me on board in your project you will not only have a superb illustrator and pattern designer you´ll also get an optimistic brainstorm-machine fueled by iced latte all year round. I have traveled the world, love to meet new people and I see the best in every situation.

Remember there is no request too small or too big, the big ones just takes a little longer to complete, so if you think I can help you in any way - please get in touch with me!